Holly Barton and Scott Cantrell

Wedding Date:

October 25, 2014

Holly and Scott have selected decorative accessories and other useful items for their wedding registry.  Please call or stop by the store to see all their selections, make a purchase or obtain further details!

From Polish Pottery:

- Gentlemen's Mugs
 - Ladies Mugs

- Bread and Butter

- Salad Plate

- Bowls (Medium)

- Bowls (Small)

- Bundt Cake Pan

- Medium Serving Bowl

- Large Serving Bowl



- Tupelo Honey

- The Dinner Doctor

- The Cake Doctor

- Vegetable Literacy

Other Accessories:

- Lucite Salad Bowl

- Kalalou Glass Cylinder (Small, Medium and Large)

… For more information, please call or come by our store!

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