Rachel Estes and Andrew Thomasson

Wedding Date:

August 9, 2014

Rachel and Andrew have selected many useful and decorative items for their wedding gift registry.  Please call or stop by the store to see all their selections, make a purchase or obtain further details!

From Pomeroy:

- Square and Rectangular Casseroles

- Three-Part Server

Sterling Crystal:

- Pitcher w/ Monogram
("G" shown as example only)

Silicone Lids from Charles Viancin:

- Hibiscus (8" and 11")

- Lily Pad (9")

- Banana Leaf (Square and Rectangular)

From Mariposa:

- "String of Pearls" Oval Platter
- Small Square Platter

- Cocktail Napkin box w/ weight

- Square Casserole Caddy

- Small Casserole Caddy

- Cream and Sugar

- Gravy Boat

- Tall Pitcher


From Catstudio:
- Tennessee Glasses
- Nashville, North Dakota and New Orleans Glasses
Tennessee Dishtowels
- Nashville, North Dakota and New Orleans Dishtowels


- The Dinner Doctor by Anne Byrn

- Sunday in the South by Ginny McCormack
Other Accessories:
- Caspari Chargers

… For more information, please call or come by our store!

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