Brittany Toomey and Chaiyim Casavant

Wedding Date:

October 10, 2015

Brittany and Chaiyim have selected servingware and decorative accessories for their wedding registry.  Please call or stop by the store to see all their selections, make a purchase or obtain further details!

Crystal: Sterling

- Iced Beverage

- Juice Glass

- Wine Glass

- Pitcher (with "C" initial and wedding date)

Serving and Accessory Pieces:
Juliska "Pewter"

-Platters: Rectangular (large and small) and Oval (large and small)

-Casserole and Extra-Large Bowls

- Pitcher

- Salt and Pepper

-  Creamer

- Sugar

Other Accessories:

- Large Sangria Pitcher

- Charles Viancin Banana Leaf Silicone Lid (Casserole Cover)

- Lucite Salad Bowl

- Lucite Pitcher

- Honey Pot


- Pioneer Woman

- Sunday in the South

-Seasons in the South

… For more information, please call or come by our store!

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